Photo showing chalkboard with list of branding, advertising and marketing services offered by the West London brand strategy and creative communications consultancy Breakfast Town

What We Do

Brand positioning – what, how and why
Beyond the ‘what you do’ and the ‘how you do it’, it’s just as important that customers have a sense of ‘why’ you’re doing it.

Why was your product or service put on this earth? What makes you different from your competitors? Why should customers believe you, buy you and talk about you?

Brand model – know yourself before you tell others
We usually find that our clients have the answers; our task is to help articulate and organise the discussion into a coherent brand model. Avoiding jargon, we develop a clear brand positioning and proposition with you, through a series of productive conversations.

Brand building – from a sound foundation
At this early stage we sow the seeds of the idea behind the brand, as we believe that real creativity isn’t just seen in a cool piece of communication, but in the building blocks of the brand itself. The organising idea behind your brand is what will drive your business forward.

Brand creation – the DNA of your brand
Branding was once the preserve of big spending companies who dominated the airwaves. Branding is now democratic and transparent and customers will analyse your brand to make sure it reflects positively on their own ‘personal brand’.

From a new name or new logo, based on an agreed brand proposition, we expertly create and apply design to every nook and cranny of your brand. Whether that is an initial naming or architecture project, packaging design, a tone of voice exercise, or a detailed set of guidelines.

And, because we co-authored the brand strategy, you can be sure that the visual or verbal expression will do justice to the idea behind your brand.

Design and Art Direction there is right and wrong. And there is good and bad

Graphic design is one discipline. Art direction is another

If you’ve ever managed a brand across different creative disciplines, you’ve probably experienced the frustration of well-meaning experts ‘re-inventing’ or ‘re-interpreting’ the core idea behind your brand. At its worst, the inability of a designer to combine words and visuals in the creative process, or the casual treatment of a strategic proposition by an art director in the pursuit of something that looks great, but says nothing.

Having worked in both communications and design environments, we understand how design and art direction are two worlds separated by a single language.

With experience in both worlds, we will apply design and art direction to the greater glory of your single brand idea.

Strategy leads creativity

At Breakfast Town we are strategically led. We will establish your brand with clarity. We can help you carry that shining torch through every brief, with every partner, in any channel.

We work with creative partners in individual disciplines. We can help you identify that what may be good, may not be right… and that what may be right, may not be good enough.

Creative communicationsas your strategic partner no-one is better placed to take the core brand idea through to commercial creativity

From presentation templates to integrated communications campaigns, every client brief matters to us, because it matters to you.

Creativity with commercial results
We enjoy the creative process, the inspiration of a challenging brief and the opportunity to bring our creative talents to bear on the commercial success of your brand.

In particular, we enjoy the partnership of developing creative work with you. We want work you’re really proud of that does justice to the vision you had when the branding journey began.

Creative implementationan idea has no value until it exists in the real world

We have all kinds of brilliant people available to make all kinds of brilliant things happen.

Managing the creative execution
We create the comfort zone in which work is developed and executed on brief, on time, and on budget.

Too often, this crucial, outward-facing, expensive stage of a brand’s expression is put under the control of professionals who are not brand advocates and have not been on the journey with you. We keep you in control.

Whether it’s a one-off FB post or a full-blown advertising campaign, we retain strategic rigour and account handling discipline. We help you spend your money effectively and productively.

The best ad is a good product. Never let a creative execution obscure the brilliance of the product.